Bismarck Museums & History

Bismarck Museums & HistoryThe more you learn about your past, the brighter your future will be. If that adage is in fact true, then Bismarck has a stunningly bright future thanks to all of the lessons that can be learned from its many museums and historical places. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the area's history including culture, traditions, art and even art and science. The museums do an impressive job of showing how they are all inextricably linked. The stories are skillfully told through the use of interactive exhibits, lectures and presentations. Stories of Bismarck's dramatic past and bright future await you at these area museums!

Five Nations Art Depot
The Five Nations Art Depot brings together two significant aspects of Bismarck's history. Both the culture of the Native Americans and the development of the railroads are coupled in a dramatic way at the Five Nations Art Depot. The structure is in fact the historic Burlington Northern Railroad Depot that was once Bismarck's busy hub of commerce. It is only fitting that the area's first inhabitants offer their selection of visually captivating wares for sale here. Over 200 North Dakota American Indian artists bring their creations to display and sell at this remarkable gathering of history and art.

Address: 401 Main Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 - MAP
Phone: (701) 663-4663

North Dakota State Railroad Museum
Before airplanes, traveling and commerce totally depended on the country's railroad system. Learn about its history, development and eventual demise when you visit the North Dakota State Railroad Museum. See an incredible collection of artifacts related to the experience of traveling and doing business by train that include original machinery, posters, tickets, and more. Don't forget to check out the rolling stock from the Northern Pacific.

Address: 3700 Thirtieth Avenue Northwest, Bismarck, ND - MAP
Phone: (701) 663-6779

Gateway To Science Center
Curious minds deserve to be in a stimulating environment, and Bismarck's Gateway to Science Center is such a place. This is the type of venue that challenges you to go on a journey of discovery with the help of its many interactive and multimedia exhibits. Visitors of all ages are not only invited to learn, but to also reach out and touch, as the museum proudly touts itself as a major resource for hands-on science education.

Address: 2700 State Street, Suite 17, Bismarck, ND 58503 - MAP
Phone: (701) 258-1975

North Dakota Heritage Center
The wide prairies, the rustic landscape and even the lives and culture of the Native Americans are all essential parts of North Dakota's vast history. Learn about it all when you plan a visit to the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck. This impressive venue has the distinction of being the largest museum in the state. The wide variety of exhibits examines what life was like on the northern plains from prehistory all the way to the present day. It is a truly fascinating historical journey!

Address: 612 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58505 - MAP
Phone: (701) 328-3710

Former Governor's Mansion State Historical Site
Get a taste of what life was like for the various individuals who served as North Dakota governor when you spend some time at the Former Governor's Mansion State Historical Site in Bismarck. This impressive mansion and museum was originally built back in 1884 as a private residence by Asa Fisher. It remained the governor's residence from 1893 until 1960. Those years are detailed through the use of vintage items, personal effects, exhibits, documents and photographs that all go to tell the story of what life was like for the man who had the responsibility of holding the highest political office in the state of North Dakota.

Address: 320 East Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58501 - MAP
Phone: (701) 328-9529

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame
Everyone can agree on the history and development of the Native Americans in North Dakota. Well, where there are Indians, there are bound to be cowboys, right? That's the question that the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame attempts to answer. This popular museum stands as an interpretive center for the history of Native Americans and their link to ranching, rodeos, and the western lifestyle that was adopted on the plains. This is where culture and legacy intertwine to create something that is as historically significant as it is remarkably entertaining.

Address: 1110 College Drive, Bismarck, ND 58501 - MAP
Phone: (701) 250-1833