Family Attractions in Bismarck

Family Attractions in BismarckSometimes, it might seem like a big challenge to keep up with all of your family members' various interests. And while it's normal for your family to have a wide range of hobbies and activities that they individually enjoy, it is equally important for the whole family to spend some quality time together. Those moments in which memories are made are truly priceless, and when you consider the various family friendly destinations that await you in Bismarck, finding an attraction that the whole family will enjoy is much easier than you think.

Dakota Zoo
Take a walk on the wild side when you take the whole family out for a day of untamed fun at the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck. This renowned facility holds the distinction of being the largest zoo in the state. This incredible attraction is home to over 500 reptiles, birds and mammals. The kids will not only enjoy the petting zoo and seeing popular inhabitants like the monkeys and giraffes, but they will also learn a great deal about these creatures thanks to various interactive displays and exhibits. Plus, the many seasonal events scheduled throughout the year will keep your family coming back again and again.

Address: Sertoma Park Road, Bismarck, ND - MAP
Phone: (701) 223-7543

Superslide Amusement Park
Plan a day of family fun, enjoying the attractions at Bismarck's Superslide Amusement Park. Admission to the park is free and you're sure to find something for everyone here. Race down the super slide, chase each other around in bumper cars, go for a spin around the carousel, or take a whack at a baseball in the batting cages - the opportunities for fun are endless here.

Address: Riverside Park Road, Bismarck, ND 58504 - MAP
Phone: (701) 258-5038

Climb Dakota
Give the kids something fun and productive to do with all of their energy when you plan a family fun day at Climb Dakota. This indoor rock-climbing attraction offers kids (and parents, too) the opportunity to scale various types of rustic terrain while safely staying indoors. Your ticket price includes the use of climbing gear and a helmet, and you can also choose the difficulty and intensity of your climb based on your experience. This is a great way for the whole family to get some exercise while having plenty of fun!

Address: 8355 Kittie Lane, Bismarck, ND 58504 - MAP
Phone: (701) 226-3674

North Dakota State Capital Building
Whether you are visiting or are Bismarck natives, taking the family to the North Dakota State Capitol Building will be a history-packed adventure everyone will enjoy. This Art-Deco-styled building was originally built in 1933 and has been referred to as the “Skyscraper on the Prairie” every since. An incredible amount of the area's history is within the walls of this attraction, and tours are available regularly Monday through Friday.

Address: ND Capitol Grounds, East Boulevard, Bismarck, ND 58501 - MAP
Phone: (701) 328-2480

North Dakota State Railroad Museum
Hark back to a time in history when the only mode of mass transportation was the then-new railroad system. Discover how the railroads contributed to North Dakota's economic, social and geographical development when you take the family to the North Dakota State Railroad Museum. The kids will marvel at the vintage railroad items and artifacts such as old engines, photos and documents. There is also a rolling stock from the Northern Pacific that is one of the attraction's many highlights.

Address: 3700 Thirtieth Avenue Northwest, Bismarck, ND - MAP
Phone: (701) 663-6779

Matah Adventures Canoe Rental
The whole family will enjoy the fast-paced aquatic fun that awaits them when you paddle your way to the Missouri River to let the pros from Matah Adventures Canoe Rental and Guide Service show you an unforgettable time. It matters little whether you and the kids have experience in navigating a canoe or if this is your first time out because the pros from Matah will not only ensure your safety, but they will give you all of the instruction and guidance you will need to have a truly excellent time.

Address: 2174 Missouri Drive North, Bismarck, ND - MAP
Phone: (701) 663-0054