Arts, Music & Entertainment in Bismarck

Arts, Music &
in Bismarck

Make sure that you buy your ticket in time to catch all of the great performances on the many stages that make up Bismarck's exciting arts, music and entertainment scene.

Shade Tree Players Children's Theatre, Dakota Stage Ltd, Burnt Creek Club, more...

Arts, Music & Entertainment in Bismarck

Family Attractions in

Finding something that both the kids and mom and dad will enjoy is a whole lot easier than you think because of the impressive number of family-friendly attractions that can be found in Bismarck.

Dakota Zoo, Super Slide Amusement Park, Climb Dakota, more...

Bismarck Festivals & Shows

Bismarck Festivals & Shows

Everyone loves a good party, and there's always a great one going on in Bismarck thanks to the city's full schedule of festivals and annual shows.

McQuade Charity Softball Tournament, United Tribes International Powwow, Mandan Rodeo Days Celebration, more...

Hidden Treasures in Bismarck

Hidden Treasures in

You may not want to share any of Bismarck's best kept secrets, but once you discover these hidden treasures, you will find it hard to keep them to yourself!

Boneshaker Coffee Company, Rainbow Shop, Wonderful Watercolors, more...

Bismarck Museums & History

Bismarck Museums & History

Considering how much Bismarck is steeped in Native American history, you will most definitely want to get the full story when you visit these notable museums and historic places.

Five Nations Art Depot, Gateway to Science Center, North Dakota Heritage Center, more...

Bismarck for Nature Lovers

Bismarck for
Nature Lovers

Bismarck is a city that boasts four distinct seasons, and that's actually a good thing when you consider how many opportunities that creates for nature lovers to enjoy the great outdoors all year round!

McDowell Dam Recreation Area, Camp Hancock State Historic Site, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, more...

Bismarck Nightlife


Whether you want to just hang out to enjoy a few beers or you want hit the town in style, you'll find the perfect destination to suit your mood when you venture out into Bismarck's nightlife.

O'Brian's Tavern, Burnt Creek Club, Lucky's Bar and Lounge, more...

Restaurants in Bismarck

Bismarck Restaurants


Enjoy American favorites or cuisines from abroad while dining in Bismarck. Find whatever it is you're craving at one of these restaurants throughout the city.

Pirogue Grill, The Walrus Restaurant, Space Aliens Grill & Bar, more...

Romantic Date Ideas in Bismarck

Romantic Date
Ideas in Bismarck

Recapture that old feeling between you and your significant other when you take the time to plan a special romantic date at any of these highly appealing places in Bismarck.

Japanese Garden, Five Nations Art Depot, In Touch Massage Wellness and Day Spa, more...

Bismarck Shopping



Whether you are out to find a special gift for an important occasion or just want to reward yourself with a little something, you're sure to find it all when you go shopping in Bismarck.

Kirkwood Mall, Gateway Fashion Mall, Downtown Bismarck Street Fair, more...

Bismarck Sports & Recreation

Bismarck Sports &

Whether you decide to hit the trail, cast your fishing line out or just want to go for a relaxing swim, you'll find all of that and more when you enjoy Bismarck's many sporting and recreational activities.

Bismarck Bobcats, Super Slide Amusement Park, Bismarck Skydiving, more...

Unique Bismarck Tours

Unique Bismarck

Instead of looking at Bismarck's history and nature from a distance, get up close to it when you get on board for any of these excellent tours and excursions.

Double Ditch Indian Village Historic Site, Steamboat Warehouse, North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, more...